English language qualifications that don’t expire and remain valid

There are different official English language examinations, promoted by educational organisations that set their own requirements. Obtaining an official language certificate means having a document that, effectively, accredits the level of knowledge of the person who has passed the test. However, there are English diplomas that do not expire, and diplomas that must be renewed after a certain period of time. 

Below, we will explain which English language qualifications do not expire over time, and the reasons why some certificates need to be renewed. 

Why do some language certificates expire?

In the list of language certificates that become invalid after a certain period of time, we find the IELTS or TOEFL. The reason is that these are diplomas that focus on very specific objectives. 

Usually, a person who takes an IELTS or TOEFL test does so in order to gain access to a university or to a professional position. Both institutions develop tests with very specific content, so the pupil can demonstrate that he or she can express him or herself correctly on specific topics. 

The reason why this type of certificate expires is due to the need to ensure that the language skills demonstrated are maintained. Both, universities and employers, need to confirm that the person making an application will be able to express him or herself correctly, including a very specific lexical part. 

English language qualifications that do not expire

General English qualifications do not expire. Unlike the above, these exams do not focus on a specific part of lexis, grammar or vocabulary, but assess a person’s general ability to express themselves in English. 

Vocabulary that is needed for specific situations may be forgotten in part, but the grammatical structures and general vocabulary of a language are retained almost permanently, which is why General English qualifications do not expire.

Some of the English language qualifications that do not expire are the Cambridge exam at all levels (KET, PET, First, Advanced and Proficiency), the TOEIC exam and the Oxford Test of English.

In this case, once an official qualification has been obtained, its validity remains permanent, although both, companies and educational institutions, can establish their own language tests for admissions, in order to check the candidate’s real level. 

The advantage of British schools for the future of employment

Today’s job market demands people who are able to express themselves in several languages, due to the need to connect companies and professionals from different cultures. Companies set language-related conditions when recruiting, and having at least an official language certificate is essential to be able to apply for international jobs.

However, having a qualification is not enough, what is really essential is the ability to communicate fluently in other languages in all circumstances. British education in schools in Spain not only allows students to assimilate the basics of the language, but also offers them the possibility of learning to speak English with the same fluency as they do in their mother tongue.

In the long term, a student educated in a British school will have the ability to express themselves in two languages with ease, and beyond language skills, they will have been able to learn through immersion activities, which will give them an in-depth understanding of other cultures.

Pre-university education in British schools

More and more students are opting for an international education, with a view to their university education. In such cases, an effective language foundation is essential.

British schools are the best alternative when it comes to preparing students for a university education in an English-speaking country, or in English-speaking countries in general. Students at British schools such as Lady Elizabeth School enjoy a fully immersive experience, so that once they reach university, they can face the challenges of English-speaking educational institutions. 

Of course, in schools such as those that make up the Laude network, language learning is very important, but our commitment also includes the possibility of learning in a unique educational environment, which goes beyond the language itself. Our pupils are better prepared for the final stages of their education, because they have a specific preparation, oriented towards academic purposes.

Lady Elizabeth School, the best pre-university education

After completing the pre-university courses, our students get much more than a certificate of studies. At Sixth Form we work on technical training as well as other skills and aspects of teaching, which are essential for university courses on international stays. 

Our guidance department organises activities and courses on an ongoing basis, so that our Sixth Form students can have the information they need to make the best decision about their future.  

If you would like more information about our educational programmes and the advantages Lady Elizabeth School offers you, please contact our admissions team.