Enrolment in the Lady Elizabeth School Bilingual School

Lady Elizabeth School is a bilingual school in Jávea with an educational programme based on language learning and individual attention to each student. Permanent language immersion and ISP activities allow us to offer our students a comprehensive language learning method, based on continuous practice.

Welcome to Lady Elizabeth School Bilingual School

Our educational programme is based on creating a multilingual environment, developing the skills of our teaching staff and providing the most appropriate facilities to encourage our students to learn.  


Quality Education in a Bilingual and Multicultural Environment


Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment is fundamental to our school in Jávea. We focus on providing an education that not only integrates several languages, but also respects cultural diversity. Our curriculum integrates elements of different cultures, fostering understanding and respect among our students.


Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach


Our educational philosophy focuses on a very demanding pedagogical approach. We believe in personalised learning, adapting to the individual needs and abilities of each student. Our teaching methods are interactive and innovative, promoting critical thinking and creativity, key skills in a globalised world.


Modern and safe facilities for the integral development of our students


We have modern and safe facilities, designed for the integral development of our students. Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, facilitating interactive and effective learning. Sports and recreational areas promote physical health and well-being, while artistic and cultural spaces encourage creative expression and cultural appreciation. All in a safe and welcoming environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.

The following are some of our facilities:

  • Science laboratories
  • Spacious classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • A fully equipped kitchen for Food Science classes
  • State-of-the-art computer labs
  • A large high school area with a kitchenette, study areas and lounges.
  • A spacious cafeteria
  • Outdoor seating areas for students
  • Football pitch and artificial turf sports centre
  • Outdoor sports court
  • Library and media library
  • Gymnasium with bleachers for the public
  • Large capacity theatre
  • Arts hall
  • Photography studio
  • Music rooms
  • Recording studios
  • Performing arts and dance studios
  • 25 metre indoor swimming pool

Why choose our Bilingual School in Jávea?

The reasons why we have become an educational reference in the Valencian Community include our language programmes, the results of our students in national and international language tests and the competence of our teachers.


Language immersion from an early age


At our bilingual school in Jávea, language immersion from an early age is a key pillar. We firmly believe in the importance of familiarising students with multiple languages from the very beginning of their academic career, which not only improves their language skills, but also enriches their cognitive and cultural development. 


Internationally recognised official certifications in English and other languages


We offer the opportunity to obtain official internationally recognised certifications in English and other languages. These certifications are an endorsement of our students’ language skills and open doors for them in the academic and professional world. The results our students obtain in official tests are the best guarantee of the results of our educational method. 


Native teachers and innovative methodologies for linguistic development


Our teaching team is made up of native teachers, who use innovative methodologies for language development. These methodologies go beyond traditional learning, incorporating interactive and practical techniques that encourage real fluency in the language. Our teachers create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment where every student can thrive and reach their full linguistic potential.

Educational offer at our Bilingual School in Jávea for all levels.

Language learning is present at all stages, from primary school to the final years of pre-university. 


At this early stage, the focus is on language immersion through play and interactive activities. Children learn English in a natural and fun way, absorbing basic vocabulary and simple phrases. Constant exposure to the language fosters a solid foundation for the development of bilingualism.




In primary school, English is taught in a more structured way. Students expand their vocabulary and grammar, and begin to practise the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Interactive methods and teaching materials are used to keep children engaged and motivated.




During this phase, students delve deeper into more complex aspects of the language. The focus is on linguistic fluency and accuracy, advanced reading comprehension, creative and analytical writing, and discussion in English on a variety of topics. They also prepare for official language proficiency exams.




In this final stage, English is studied at an advanced level, preparing students for academic and professional use of the language. Emphasis is placed on argumentation, critical analysis, and oral and written expression at an advanced level. Students are prepared to obtain high-level certifications and to use English in university and professional contexts.

Admission and enrolment process

If you would like to apply for admission, please contact our team, we will assess your application and invite you to visit our facilities in Jávea.

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