At Lady Elizabeth School, each child is truly valued and respected as an individual. We strive to empower each student by providing them with ample opportunities to lead, to serve others, and to pursue their unique passions as a learner.











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Why are we the best British school in Alicante?

Our British English school is well-known in the Valencian Community due to our teaching methods and the academic results of our students. We are a British international school with a fresh academic approach. We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an organization of international schools that allows us to conitinously engage with English-speaking students from all over the globe, whcih not only develops our students’ communication skills, but also offers them the opportunity to learn about other cultures through immersive experiences.

Advantages of our British School

Lady Elizabeth School is a private school in Alicante (Jávea) with an exceptional educational approach. The advantages of our educational programs are:

  • We have developed an educational program where English is constantly in use. We ensure that our students acquire permanent communicative skills.
  • We focus on a comprehensive understanding of other cultures so that our students have a broader view of today’s global society.
  • Learning a second language during their education prepares students for their future career. In modern times, communication skills in English are a basic skill for the job market.
  • British education helps them develop cognitive skills, which will improve their memory and comprehension skills.

Beyond academic results, learning English through a British method prepares our students for an increasingly interconnected world.

Why choose a British educational programme for your children?

Our school in Alicante has all the advantages of the British method of teaching; through the programs developed by the International Schools Program (ISP), we reinforce learning in the classroom with global activities in our school and international centres. 

ISP is made up of over 60 schools from all over the world, which allows us to work with an global network of schools from 17 different countries. Student exchanges are an opportunity to learn about other cultures first hand while also strengthening their communication skills with other English-speaking students from our sister schools. 

Learning a language means being able to communicate in many different situations. Our pupils learn a series of skills during the Infant and Primary years which will form the basis of their language skills in the future. By the end of their Secondary education they will be able to speak and understand the language in any circumstance, and will have acquired a technical vocabulary which is essential for their future employment.

Our English school has the perfect educational method for your children to grow up in a stimulating environment, preparing them to face their future with the strong foundation they need.

British School for all stages of education

Our method of British teaching begins in the early years and concludes with the Baccalaureate program. Along the way, pupils at Lady Elizabeth School develop permament communication skills in English.

During the Infant Years we emphasise the importance of vocabulary. From 3 to 5 years of age, a child begins to learn his or her native language. If stimulated through a bilingual programme, he or she will be able to learn another language alongside their native one.

The primary school period, from 5 to 11 years old, is essential to get learn basics of grammar and to expand vocabulary. During the 6 primary school years, a student learns to navigate the language in a natural way.

The 4 years of secondary school focus on the technical aspect of the language. In this phase, the student learns to perfect what they learned in the previous years and focuses on the practical application of their skills.

The two years of baccalaureate are prepare the student for the next academic challenge, university education. During these two courses, students are specifically prepped to develop a series of communication skills aimed at both university courses and their future employment.