Enrolment at the Cumbre del Sol Lady Elizabeth School

Our international school in Alicante offers your children the best educational experience, with a British curriculum based on language learning and geared towards international university challenges. 

Welcome to Lady Elizabeth School

At Lady Elizabeth School we believe in a different educational process, with an approach that goes beyond the traditional bilingual education system.

British system: GCSEs and A-Levels

The British education system includes two key programmes: GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-Levels (Advanced Level). GCSEs are examinations usually taken at the age of 16, at the end of compulsory secondary education. They cover a wide range of subjects, and students usually choose between 5 and 10 subjects, including mathematics, English and science, among others.

A-Levels are taken after GCSEs, usually between the ages of 16 and 18, and are more specialised. Students choose 3 or 4 subjects related to their interests or the career they wish to pursue next. These exams are essential for entry to higher education in the UK, as universities use them to assess academic aptitude and specialisation in specific areas of study.

At our British school we prepare our students for the CGSE and A-Levels, so that they have the best possible pre-university preparation.

Our philosophy and commitment to quality education

At Lady Elizabeth School, our philosophy focuses on providing a quality education that integrates academic excellence with students’ personal development. We are committed to critical skills, ethical values and global thinking, preparing our students for a successful future.

An enriching and stimulating environment for the all-round development of our students

We offer a welcoming environment, which fosters the holistic development of our students. Our approach goes beyond academics, promoting social, emotional and cultural skills. We believe that this complete educational experience prepares our students for their future, both academically and in the workplace.

Student Residence

Our student residence provides a safe, secure environment that promotes learning and independence. Students find academic support, extracurricular activities and an inclusive community that enriches their educational experience while enjoying a comfortable stay during their education.

Educational offer adapted to the needs of each stage of the curriculum

We offer a comprehensive educational approach adapted to each academic stage. In infants, our approach focuses on fostering curiosity and a love of learning through playful and educational activities. In Primary, we prioritise the development of fundamental skills such as reading, writing and mathematics, including intensive language learning.

In Secondary, our students follow a British curriculum, with a programme based on the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), through different subjects that allow students to explore their interests. GCSE subjects include mathematics, science, English literature, history, geography, and different foreign languages. 

At the next stage, our students embark on A Levels. These advanced courses allow them to specialise in specific areas, preparing them for international university experiences. A Level subjects are chosen according to each student’s interests and aspirations, at our school in Cumbre Sol we offer a personalised education, geared towards international academic challenges.

Why choose the Lady Elizabeth School, the school in Cumbre del Sol?

Both our academic track record and the qualifications of our teaching staff are the reasons why our school in Cumbre del Sol offers a different kind of education.

Outstanding academic trajectory and recognised in the educational community

Our public school at Cumbre del Sol has an academic track record that is widely recognised in the educational community. Over the years, we have maintained a track record of academic excellence and achievement for our students, which demonstrates our commitment to the success of our students.

Highly qualified faculty committed to educational excellence

We have a highly qualified faculty dedicated to educational excellence. Our teachers are committed to quality, up-to-date and enriching education. 

Their experience and passion for teaching ensure a stimulating learning environment for our students, always with a focus on language learning.

Rigorous and personalised academic programmes

Our programmes are developed with language learning as a key element.  


In the infant stage, learning is focused on play and exploration, with an emphasis on early language acquisition through play activities and the encouragement of English as a vehicular language.


In Primary, we continue to strengthen English and begin to introduce other foreign languages, encouraging a solid foundation in languages from an early age.


In Secondary, we deepen language learning, with a focus on effective communication and bilingualism.


Our Baccalaureate further boosts language proficiency, preparing students for international exams and offering English immersion opportunities.

Our focus on academic and personal excellence

Our school at Cumbre del Sol also offers other advantages to our students.  

Innovative and enriching academic programmes

We offer academic programmes that go beyond the traditional, incorporating innovative methods and enriching experiences to promote meaningful learning and critical thinking.

Individualised support for skill and talent development

Our approach focuses on the development of each student, through personalised support to identify and nurture their skills and talents.

Workshops and extracurricular activities that foster creativity and a passion for knowledge

Our wide variety of workshops and extracurricular activities stimulate creativity, exploration of interests and passion for learning, providing additional opportunities for students’ holistic development.

Admissions and enrolment process

We have an admissions department to answer all your questions about our school at Cumbre del Sol and the admissions process.

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