Enrolment in the Lady Elizabeth School Bilingual School

Lady Elizabeth School is a bilingual school in Jávea with an educational approach based on languages, personal attention to each pupil and academic excellence. Our aim is to offer each of our pupils a learning process that goes beyond traditional bilingual proposals, through a preparation aimed at people who wish to face international academic and professional challenges

Welcome to Lady Elizabeth School Bilingual School

If you are looking for the best educational experience for your children, our bilingual school in Jávea is the best alternative. In addition to our academic methods based on intensive language learning, we have the support of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an institution made up of international schools, which allows us to broaden the educational experience of our pupils throughout all stages of their education.

Quality Education in a Bilingual and Multicultural Environment

A bilingual and multicultural environment such as the one at Lady Elizabeth School offers several cognitive and social advantages to our students. Firstly, it encourages proficiency in more than one language, which improves cognitive skills, concentration and problem solving. It also broadens students’ future prospects in an increasingly globalised world. 

On the other hand, it teaches students to value and respect cultural diversity. It promotes greater tolerance and understanding of differences, helping to develop more inclusive and respectful citizens who appreciate diversity.

A bilingual and multicultural school also encourages students to understand and appreciate different perspectives, thus cultivating critical thinking. This ability to analyse different points of view better prepares them to function in an interconnected and diverse society.

Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach

A school with an educational environment based on languages and constant modernisation offers numerous advantages. With language at its core, students are able to develop strong language skills, and this fluency in other languages facilitates communication, critical thinking and cultural understanding, vital skills in the 21st century.

Moreover, this innovative approach succeeds in fostering a passion for learning. By presenting education through the prism of different languages, students can find new and exciting ways to explore knowledge, encouraging their motivation and engagement.

This kind of environment promotes cultural openness. By learning different languages, students are also exposed to diverse points of view, allowing them to develop a global mindset and greater intercultural understanding.

Modern and safe facilities for the all-round development of the pupils

Among the facilities of our British School in Alicante, we highlight the following equipment:

  • Five science laboratories
  • Classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • A kitchen for Food Science classes
  • Computer laboratories
  • A large area for Baccalaureate with kitchenette, study areas and lounges
  • A spacious cafeteria
  • Outdoor seating areas for students
  • Football pitch and artificial turf sports centre
  • Outdoor sports court
  • Library and media library
  • Gymnasium with bleachers for the public
  • Theatre
  • Arts hall
  • Photography studio
  • Music rooms
  • Recording studios
  • Performing arts and dance studios
  • 25-metre indoor swimming pool

Why choose our Bilingual School in Jávea?

The experience based on linguistic immersion, the possibility of obtaining official certificates and the innovative methods, which also include native teachers, allow us to ensure a different and personalised experience for our students.  

Language immersion from an early age

Language immersion from an early age offers numerous advantages. During childhood, the brain has a great plasticity and capacity to absorb and learn languages easily, and early exposure allows a high level of fluency and natural pronunciation in a second language to be achieved.

Early language immersion improves children’s cognitive skills. It enhances their problem-solving, memory and critical thinking skills. It can also enhance creativity by encouraging different ways of thinking.

Early proficiency in a second language prepares children for a globalised world. Being bilingual can open doors to international opportunities in the future and facilitate intercultural understanding, equipping children with valuable tools for their adult lives. These are the advantages that we are able to pass on to our students at our bilingual school in Jávea.

Internationally recognised official certificates in English and other languages

Lady Elizabeth School offers significant advantages in obtaining official language certificates. Immersive learning facilitates a deep understanding of the language necessary to pass the rigorous certification exams, our bilingual teaching is geared towards linguistic competence, helping students to prepare effectively for the exams.

Native teachers and innovative methodologies for linguistic development

Our native teachers have an innate command of the language, enabling students to learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation more accurately. This contributes to more authentic language learning and results that are sustained over the long term.

In addition, our school’s native teachers have a deep understanding of their culture, which enriches the teaching with cultural perspectives and contexts. This allows students not only to learn a language, but also to immerse themselves in its associated culture.

In addition to the possibility of learning every day with native teachers, there are the advantages of having the most modern methodologies, oriented towards language learning in particular and academic training in general.

Educational offer at our bilingual school in Jávea for all levels

Our bilingual school in Jávea includes language learning throughout all educational stages.


The Early Years courses already include the learning of English, taking advantage of the cognitive capacity of the pupils at this age.


During the primary school years, the basic foundations of the language are established and the learning of another optional language begins.


The secondary school years are fundamental to extend the knowledge of the language in a more complex and practical way.


The baccalaureate focuses on technical education, oriented towards the upcoming international challenges of our students.

Admission and enrolment process

The admission process includes the following steps:

  • Application form and fee payment
  • Submission of documentation
  • English and Maths test
  • Confirmation and reservation of place
  • Acceptance Form
  • Letter of Acceptance

Contact form for enquiries and to request a visit