A commitment to learning beyond the classroom

We offer a wide range of additional programmes and activities for all ages and interests, as well as more than 50 extracurricular activities every day of the week on campus after school with LES Plus Clubs. Find your favourite! Sport, Performing Arts, Creativity, Games, Science or Technology with clubs such as Karate, Swimming, Volleyball and Badminton, Biology Club or Crazy Science, Stock Exchange, Warhammer, Origami, Arts and Crafts, Circus, Cooking and much more.



At Lady Elizabeth School we offer private music lessons (instruments) in both Primary and Secondary as a complement to our educational curriculum. Lessons are private and take place during the school day with our superb external teachers of drums, piano, violin, guitar and more.

Creative & Performing Arts

The Creative and Performing Arts Departments at Lady Elizabeth School provides all of our students with the opportunity to shine, by painting, performing or some other means of creative expression. Pupils of all ages are encouraged to express themselves in a creative and natural way. We are also an official LAMBA centre (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).


Language trips

Language travel to Paris and Berlin on an annual basis with visits to the main sights and attractions in each city.

School Excursions & Trips

Throughout their Primary School years, pupils will visit many different places in the local community to enhance their learning. The excursions help to reinforce what they learn in the classroom and are based on their current study topics.

Secondary School offers several trips during the Academic Year for all students from Year 7 to Year 13. These trips are educational and are generally cross-curricular to help reinforce what has been learned in the classroom.

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Sports trips and activities

Focus on sports activities throughout the year including:

  • Annual ski trip offered to all Secondary students.
  • School Sports Day.
  • Friendly sports activities and competitions between British and international schools in the area.
  • Mango Football Experience special collaboration with LES students (on campus): an extraordinary event that gives students a complete football experience.


LES stands out for its firm commitment to the multilingualism of its students, offering academic training in languages from Early Years to Sixth Form. English is the official language of the school but we offer much more: 

  • English: the official language of the school with total immersion with native teachers and as a compulsory subject from Foundation 1 with multiple levels available (from mother tongue to EAL – “English as Additional Language”). 
  • Spanish: fully integrated into the school curriculum from Infant to Year 11, when pupils must study it at GCSE as a foreign language and becomes optional in Year 12 (A Level), alternatively in the Spanish curriculum it is fully integrated with social studies and language up to Year 11 at first language level, and becomes optional in Year 12 (PCE).
  • German: compulsory subject (choice of German or French) from Year 7, optional in Year 9 until 2nd Baccalaureate.
  • French: compulsory subject (choice of German or French) from Year 7, optional in Year 9 and up to 2nd Baccalaureate. Also offered in Infants as an extracurricular activity (Plus Clubs). 
  • Official Certificates: in each and every one of the languages offered, our pupils receive preparation and obtain the official certificates awarded by recognised bodies such as Cambridge University, Pearsons and the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia.
  • Official Language Examination Centre: LES is also an official venue for External Examinations, both Cambridge University and Pearsons, for students to obtain GCSE and A Level qualifications in Russian, Polish, Chinese, and any other language. 

Mother Tongue Support: possibility to support our native students in preparing for GCSE and A Level examinations in their mother tongue even outside the official curriculum. And to organise additional classes.