A commitment to learning beyond the classroom

We offer a wide range of activities and programmes to enhance learning beyond the classroom in multiple fields – over 50 extra-curricular activities, student-led initiatives such as Student Voice or the LES Times, language trips, the house system, international programmes such as ISP Model United Nations, TedXYouth or the Buddy Exchange programme, the acclaimed Duke Of Edinburgh and much more.


Plus Clubs

Incredible learning opportunities beyond the classroom every day of the week on campus, creating a culture of lifelong learning for all interests and hobbies. A wide range of more than 50 different extracurricular activities and constant improvement of the offer. With sport, performing arts, creativity, games, science and technology with clubs such as: karate, swimming club, volleyball and badminton, biology club, crazy science, stock exchange, warhammer, origami, arts and crafts, circus and cooking.

The Lady Elizabeth School offers music lessons, in both the Secondary and Primary Departments, as part of the curricular and examination timetable. Tuition is also available in a wide variety of instruments. We have wonderful and dedicated visiting teachers during the normal school day to teach pupils the following instruments: Drums, Saxophone, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Clarinet, Flute. Singing lessons are also available in both the Secondary and Primary Schools. FURTHER DETAILS.

Parent Activities

Parents As Learner Programme monthly sessions aim to increase the participation of parents and their constant training and learning to support the development of their children. These are talks given by experts on topics of interest such as: Positive Discipline, Understanding the Adolescent Brain, How and When to Start Career and Future Conversations, Safe Use of Technology, Stress Management and Exam Preparation.

Activities for parents: a wide range of sporting, academic and recreational activities for the parents of our students ranging from Reading Club to English and Spanish classes and various sporting activities (football club, gymnastics, swimming, etc.).


School Excursions and Trips

EThroughout their Primary School years, pupils will visit many different places in the local community to enhance their learning. The excursions help to reinforce what they learn in the classroom and are based on their current study topics.
Secondary School offers several trips during the Academic Year for all students from Year 7 to Year 13. These trips are educational and are generally cross-curricular to help reinforce what has been learned in the classroom. Others offer a cultural experience in countries around the world.

Destinations visited in the past have included London, New York, China, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, France, Poland, and Italy.

Language trips

Language travel to Paris and Berlin on an annual basis with visits to the main sights and attractions in each city.


Sports trips and activities

Annual ski trip which has been very popular for many years and is offered to all Secondary students.

Sporting activities between British and international schools in the area
School Sports Day.

Mango Football Experience, a unique event giving students a complete football experience.