Private school in Javea

At Lady Elizabeth School we see in each of our students a personal educational project, that is why we base our school programs on individualized experiences, in which the student can develop his or her abilities.
We are based on language learning as the basis for your children’s education. From practical communicative skills, we get the student to assimilate other languages in the same way in which they learn and develop their mother tongue.
Providing values to our students is also an important part during the school stage, in our private school in Javea we insist on the values that will turn our current students into the citizens of the future

Why are we the best private school in Javea?

Our private school in Javea is very different from other schools for the following reasons.

Innovative educational programs

We are based on the most innovative educational projects to apply them to the day to day of our classrooms.

International Programs

We offer our students the best international experiences with other schools through ISP programs.


Individualized teaching

We believe that each student is an educational project, that is why we are based on individual teaching throughout all school stages.

In our private school we care about languages

One of the basic pillars in the formation of our students is the teaching of languages. We are part of the International Schools Partnership, an organization of educational centers that offer international experiences for language learning and improvement.

Our commitment is based on providing your children the best education, that is why we add immersive international experiences to classroom learning, they will not only be able to put into practice what they have learned in class, but they will also learn first-hand about other cultures and will be able to enhance their communication skills.

Native teachers for high-level instruction

In order for communication in English to be as natural as communication in the native language, it is important to listen and speak continuously in English. Our native teachers encourage our students’ communication skills on a daily basis, creating the right environment to foster communication in English.

Private School in Javea for all stages of education

At Lady Elizabeth School we train your children throughout all educational stages.


During the first school years, the student learns values and behaviors, and also begins to become familiar with reading and writing. In our center we have English programs adapted to these ages.


During elementary school, students learn basic knowledge that will be consolidated during the six years that this stage lasts. It is important that the student continually puts into practice what he or she has learned, especially with regard to language learning


Secondary school focuses on technical education in all types of subjects. It is at this time when students begin to define their academic and professional future, so it is important that each student receives personalized advice.


The last educational stage prior to university focuses on the knowledge necessary for the EBAU test, but it is also important that the student prepares for what will be the next educational stage at university.

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of our advantages over other schools is the ISP. This association of schools creates a suitable environment to develop all kinds of experiences and activities oriented to language learning.
Immersive experiences help to communicate in another language, the ISP continually promotes activities for all ages, students can learn about other cultures and put into practice everything they have learned in the classroom.
The learning community that forms the International Schools Partnership allows us to offer our students real experiences in English-speaking countries, which is an advantage over other schools.

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To encourage the learning of a student it is important that he or she is in a suitable environment, in Lady Elizabeth School we have the best facilities to motivate the desire to learn of our students, through all kinds of spaces oriented to continuous learning.
Our facilities allow us to create different teaching spaces focused on the student, to create the most appropriate learning environment.

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