British School in Alicante

Our British school in Alicante has a bilingual education based on immersive experiences, where they can learn English while enjoying international experiences and activities focused on the practical use of the language.

A British school like Lady Elizabeth School is an incomparable educational experience. All of our programs are geared towards learning at least two languages, in an environment that combines the excellence of the Spanish curriculum with the British curriculum, giving our students a broader perspective of the world around them. 

English at our British school in Alicante is much more than a subject, it is a vehicular language. Our students learn conversations in British English from the very first years of school, assimilating the use of the language in the same way they learn their mother tongue. 

Why are we the best British school in Alicante?

Our British English school is a reference in the Valencian Community, due to our teaching methods and the academic results of our students. We are a British international school with a different academic proposal, we are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an organization of international schools that allows us to organize continuous exchanges and activities with English speaking students, with which we not only encourage the communication skills of our students, but we also offer them the opportunity to learn about other cultures through immersive experiences.

Advantages of our British School

Lady Elizabeth School is a school in Alicante with an exceptional educational proposal. The advantages of our educational programs are the following. 

  • We have developed an educational program in which the use of English is continuous. We ensure that our students acquire communicative skills very useful as a permanent basis.
  • The first academic years allow them to learn English at the same pace at which they develop their learning of Spanish. 
  • We focus on a comprehensive understanding of other cultures, our students have a broader vision of today’s global world.
  • Learning a second language during the academic period prepares them for their future career. Today, communication abilities in English are a basic skill for the job market. 
  • Bilingual education helps them develop cognitive skills, which will allow them to develop their memory and comprehension abilities. 

Beyond academic results, learning English through a bilingual method prepares our students to navigate in an increasingly interconnected world.    

Why choose a British educational program for your children?

Our British school in Alicante has all the advantages of the bilingual teaching method, through the programs developed by ISP we reinforce the learning in the classroom, with international activities both in our center and in international centers.

ISP is made up of 50 schools from all over the world, which allows us to work with an international network of schools from 15 different countries. Student exchanges are an opportunity to learn first-hand about other cultures through experiences in which communication with English-speaking students is continuous.

Learning a language means being able to communicate in any circumstance, our students learn during the infant and primary courses a series of knowledge that will be the basis of their linguistic abilities in the future, at the end of secondary education they will be able to speak and understand the language in any circumstance, and they will have acquired a technical vocabulary essential for their future work.   

Our English school has the perfect educational method for your children to grow up in a stimulating environment, preparing them to face their future with all the guarantees.

British School for all educational stages

Our British teaching method begins in the first years of infant school and ends in high school. Along this path, the students of Lady Elizabeth School develop communicative skills in English that will be permanent. 

During the infant years, we insist on the importance of vocabulary. From 3 to 5 years of age, a child begins to learn his or her mother tongue. If stimulated through a bilingual program, he or she will be able to learn another language at the same rate at which he or she assimilates his or her mother tongue.

The primary school period, from 5 to 11 years of age, is essential to get in touch with the basics of grammar and expand vocabulary. During the 6 primary grades, a student learns to handle the language in a natural way.

The 4 years of secondary school focus on technical knowledge, about the language, a phase of perfection begins, paying special attention to practical communicative skills. 

The two courses of baccalaureate are a reinforcement for the next academic challenge, university education. During these two courses, students are specifically prepared to develop a series of communicative skills oriented both to university courses and to their future work. 

We are part of the International School Partnership

The ISP offers us an unparalleled environment for learning other languages and cultural exchange. The activities coordinated by this partnership are continuous and include activities in our classrooms as well as international experiences.  

Academic exchanges are an opportunity to practice the language, but they are also a reference to get to know other cultures, in what will be a first contact with a world in constant change, which demands to know other points of view.

We offer International Opportunities for our students

International programs are the basis of our education and the method that differentiates us from other bilingual schools in Alicante. During the primary school stage, our students are already communicating with students from other schools by telematic means. The secondary and baccalaureate courses include different cultural programs, with which our students can improve their level through international experiences.

Registration Deadline

The registration period for the next academic year is now open, please contact our admissions department and request your reservation for the next academic year.

British School Fees

If you want to know the fees of our British School, follow this link.