I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Boarding at The Lady Elizabeth School and am excited to have the opportunity of getting to know you all individually. During your time as a boarder you will be encouraged to work hard at your studies while learning to maintain a balance between work and leisure. The house will have many students from differing cultures and backgrounds; make the most of this opportunity to share experiences and learn about others. The friends you make here can last a lifetime and can open many doors for you in the future. As young adults, you will not only be encouraged to take personal responsibility for your studies, but you will also learn how to become more independent by learning many life skills.

There will always be someone on hand in the Boarding house to offer assistance, guidance, encouragement, and, of course, a listening ear to help you settle in and grow throughout your time here. I hope you will take every opportunity to become an established and valued member of the boarding community. There will be ample opportunity for your personal development, not just within academia, but also in your leisure and free time, with opportunities to go on trips and excursions at weekends as well as social events and competitions in the Boarding House. Finally, I hope that when it is time to leave us, you will take with you very happy, long-lasting memories of some of your happiest times at school, as well as the friendships you make during your time at The Colegio Benitachell and boarding community.

For further information, please download a copy of our September Timetable and Menu for boarders and a copy of the Pupil and Parent Handbook, and don´t hesitate to contact our Head of Admissions & Marketing, Mrs. Isabel Calatayud, who will be pleased to help you.


Susan Basham-Gamble
Head of Boarding

Lady Elizabeth School is a boarding school in Alicante, which offers the option of hosting children who want a residential space in our centre. 

Unlike other boarding schools, ours includes the best facilities 24-hours a day during term time. Our design includes both the best educational offerings, facilities, and services, all of which make our boarding school a perfect space for study and leisure. At Lady Elizabeth School, our students learn based on personalized study plans and develop their own routines our boarding school located in an incomparable environment in Alicante. 

Our school residence goes beyond the usual design of boarding schools, it is a multidisciplinary space, which allows daily rest, study, and enjoyable activities in a space specific for school-age children.

Our staff are always available and work closely with our boarding team to help support our residents, especially during the transition to boarding. Our goal is that boarding students view our facilities as their home, so we make everything they need available to them so that the students can coexist in a comfortable and safe space.

Our excellent boarding accommodation boasts a secure and spacious site where boarders can enjoy the benefits of superb accommodation, on-site study support, excellent relaxation, and recreational opportunities.

The Boarding House parents are highly supportive, qualified, and experienced. They identify and promote each student’s individuality, monitor and guide academic progress by encouraging good study and learning skills, and deal promptly and sympathetically with any personal situations that may arise.

In the Boarding House, students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for themselves, including their bedrooms, living spaces, and daily decisions. They learn about accountability by being the sole person responsible for their choices and are motivated to be the best they can in all areas of their development and academic studies. We see student achievement as an individual goal and provide them with the best guidance, support, and inspiration in helping them achieve those goals. Students are urged to seek mutual support from within their own student peer groups as they enjoy the dynamics and diversity of an exciting International Boarding Community.                                

What is our boarding school in Alicante like?

Our Boarding House is a perfect environment for learning. In addition to the school, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities so that our students are able develop their talents and pursue their passions. 

We teach boarding students to be responsible for their own academic and personal development. Our international residence in Alicante has students from all over the world, and the atmosphere of our centre stimulates cultural exchange in an environment specially designed for students of school age.  

The activities in our centre include regular weekend excursions and our local environment is rich with a myriad of activities to choose from such as; snorkelling, trips to the mountains, go-karting, amusement parks, shopping, kayaking, cultural excursions, and much more.

Our Boarding House – “La Casona” is located 20 minutes away from our school. Every day, a bus picks up our students to start their school day. La Casona benefits from a large swimming pool, table tennis, basketball, and many other social activities on site and is located just minutes away from some of the best beaches in the region. 

In addition to our academic and entertainment programs, our Boarding program encourages students to focus on our values ​​such as tolerance, solidarity, mutual respect, and personal responsibility.  

Advantages of our boarding school

The advantages of our boarding school are as follows.

  • Students enjoy a perfect environment to develop their abilities, just a few minutes away from the Lady Elizabeth School.
  • The Boarding House is located very close to many local leisure areas such as shopping centers, beaches, etc. 
  • Boarding staff are always on hand to help and support students. 
  • The international atmosphere of our center is an opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the world around them. 
  • We have many spaces with the Boarding House for leisure and study.
  • Our team promotes individual responsibility.
  • It is the perfect environment for anyone to begin to develop a series of skills, related to independence and responsibility.

Our boarding team encourages student independence in order to prepare the students for their adult life. Our job is to guide the boarding students day by day, and by doing so create responsible and independent adults. 

Great opportunities at our Boarding School

Enjoying an environment such as the one offered by the Lady Elizabeth School Boarding program is an experience that will have a long-lasting impact and extends beyond our current moment. The experience our boarding students recieve gives them opportunities to prepare for the challenges that await in the future.

The academic experience is important and by boarding, students have enough time and resources to develop their academic skills and obtain the best results as well as immerse themselves in the school community. However, our approach goes beyond academics and strives to ensure we offer our boarding students the tools they need to grow in every way, all while enjoying everything Spanish culture and the Valencian environment offers.

We want our boarders´ stay in our residence to become one of the most satisfying and memorable experiences in their life’s journey, so we work very hard every day to create the perfect learning and leisure environment based on an international persepctive and rooted in LES values.  

Enjoy a great experience in our boarding school in Alicante

We have the satisfaction of having worked with students from all over the world, with exceptional results. Students´experiences are essential to our improvement and we strive to provide a full educational offer to students who wish to become fully immersed in our community. 



Enrolment for next year is now available. You can make your reservation right now through our website and by phone. If you need more information about the residence, the school, or the rates of our boarding school in Alicante, you can request the information you need when you book your registration.  


If you want to know our rates, please contact us at our email address: 

Contact us

We are located in the town of Jávea, Alicante, at the North Entrance of Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, 03726 in Alicante, Spain.

You can contact our center by phone or mail:

  • +34 965 790 252

Our team is available to answer any questions or suggestions about our residence and our school. 

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