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  Internacional School Alicante

At Lady Elizabeth School we have created a bilingual teaching method, based on language learning from the first school years. Our international school in Alicante is part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an international academic organization that allows us to offer our students all kinds of experiences, based on activities both in the classroom and in English-speaking countries. 

Why are we the best international school in Alicante?

Disponemos del entorno perfecto para que tus hijos desarrollen sus capacidades a lo largo de su etapa educativa.  

We have the perfect environment for your children to develop their abilities throughout their educational stage.   

Indoor and outdoor facilities

The sports facilities consist of a two swimmings pool and multi-sports court. Our facilities also include five science laboratories, a kitchen available to our students, fully equipped computer classrooms, library, theater, art room and photography studio.  

Teaching in different languages

Our educational programs are based on the learning of other languages through daily activities based on communication and continuous practice. Starting in high school, students learn a third language, French or German. 

Values based on integral education and respect

For the personal development of our students, we insist on the importance of values. From a secular and humanist point of view, we transmit to our students values related to respect and tolerance, fundamental for their adult stage.  

Technology and innovation for learning

We incorporate the most advanced academic technology into our teaching activities. The present generations have been born in a digital environment, it is important that from their early school years, they handle this type of devices and incorporate them into their daily lives. 

What are the advantages of our bilingual educational program in Alicante?

Quality and educational excellence 

Our students acquire a complete education based on three pillars: the study of languages, the learning of the academic fundamentals of each educational phase and the transmission of values.  

Ability to communicate in several languages

We focus on the practical part of the language, starting from a solid theoretical base. The continuous use of English allows the student to assimilate the language in a natural way. In addition, starting in the secondary school cycle, the educational program includes a third language, French or German.  

We encourage teamwork, ingenuity and creativity

Personal development is basic for a child or adolescent, but it is also important that they develop in an environment where they collaborate with other people. Teamwork and creativity are two values we insist on every day in the classroom.   

Skills for working effectively globally and interculturally

Reality is interconnected, it is important that our children learn to work in global and intercultural environments, united by the same language.  

We are part of the International School Partnership

International Schools Partnership (ISP) is an international academic organization that brings together more than 50 schools. This framework of collaboration allows us to offer our students international experiences, adapted to the different educational cycles. 

To complement what is learned in the classroom, our students have the opportunity to share experiences with students from other international schools. These activities go beyond the language learning itself, they allow them to know in depth the characteristics of other cultures through immersive practices.     


Take advantage of the opportunity to study in a bilingual environment

Unlike other bilingual schools in Alicante, our programs follow a method based on continuous language practice and international activities in collaboration with ISP. 

Our bilingual program begins in the first years of primary, throughout the educational stages, the student develops communication skills at the same pace as he or she learns his or her mother tongue.  

Bilingual education continues throughout the academic period, our students learn to communicate in English with fluency, establishing the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

Visit the Environment of our International School in Alicante

If you want to come and visit our international school in Alicante, you can make an appointment to visit our facilities in person. We will be pleased to welcome you if you want to visit our facilities in person.

We are the International School in Alicante you were looking for

Our main commitment is based on offering our students the best bilingual education, in a suitable environment and with the most advanced teaching methods. We want your children to enjoy their academic period and to be prepared for the challenges they will have to overcome in the future.

Choose our International School in Alicante!

Lady Elizabeth School is the international school in Alicante with the most complete language program. The skills learned during the formative years will be crucial for their future, both in the workplace and academically. In our bilingual school in Alicante we have an educational program based on practical language learning, integrating the transmission of values and personal attitudes, which will be basic for their adult life.    

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