Infant School in Alicante

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At Lady Elizabeth School we develop a multilingual academic programme throughout the Early Years Education stage, equivalent to the infant years in the Spanish educational programme. The commitment of our infant school in Alicante is based on creating a safe environment in which our pupils can develop their skills, learn on a daily basis and adapt to learning several languages, while learning their own mother tongue.

Welcome to our bilingual nursery school

Welcome to Early Years Education at Lady Elizabeth School! We want to begin this exciting journey with you, in a warm, safe and stimulating environment, where every child can explore, discover and grow.

At our school we strive to offer enriching educational experiences that promote holistic development, with a special focus on language learning from the very first years of school.

Welcome, pupils and families, to our big school family!

Early Years Foundation Stage Programme (PN2 – Y2)

In the Infant Department (from Pre-nursery 2 to Foundation 2), we follow the British National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This framework sets the standards that all our Infant teachers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well

Este marco marca los estándares que todos nuestros profesores de Infantil deben cumplir para garantizar que los niños aprendan y se desarrollen bien.

Key areas of development: Infant (from Year 1 – Year 6)

ASC6049-1024x768Desde 1 a 6 años seguimos el plan de estudios nacional británico en inglés y matemáticas y el plan de estudios primario internacional (IPC) en todas las demás materias. El IPC es un plan de estudios temático en el que se enseñan universalmente las siguientes materias: historia, geografía, ciencia, arte, diseño y tecnología, informática, música, educación física y sociedad y mentalidad internacional.

Es un plan de estudios diseñado para preparar a los niños para un mundo en constante cambio y cada vez más interconectado. Es importante que les inculquemos los valores básicos necesarios en cualquier profesión y para el crecimiento personal, como ser flexible, perseverante, respetuoso, motivado, cooperativo y comunicativo.

Su hijo/a aprenderá habilidades, adquirirá conocimientos y demostrará su comprensión a través de las 7 áreas de aprendizaje y desarrollo. En general, los niños deberían desarrollar las 3 áreas principales primero.

  • Comunicación y Lenguaje, que implica aprender a escuchar, entender y expresarse, habilidades esenciales para la interacción social y el aprendizaje académico futuro.
  • Desarrollo Físico, abarca desde la motricidad gruesa, como correr y saltar, hasta la motricidad fina, como dibujar y escribir, facilitando así una vida activa y saludable.
  • Desarrollo Personal, Social y Emocional enfatiza la importancia de la autoconciencia, el control emocional y la habilidad para formar relaciones, elementos clave para la salud emocional y la integración social.

Estas tres áreas son esenciales para el desarrollo y futuro aprendizaje saludable de su hijo/a.

Developing specific skills

As children strengthen these early foundations, they are better prepared to explore and progress in four specific areas of learning.

  • In Language, they develop more advanced reading and writing skills, essential for effective communication.
  • In Mathematics, they begin to understand concepts such as numbers, patterns and measurement.
  • World Understanding introduces them to concepts of science, geography, history and technology, expanding their understanding and curiosity.
  • Expressive Arts and Design allow them to explore their creativity and expression through art, music and dramatic play, enriching their aesthetic and emotional perception.

These skills are vital for all-round development and will help them to meet the academic and personal challenges that lie ahead.

Tailored early years education programmes

At Lady Elizabeth School, our infant education programmes are prepared to adapt to the integral developmental needs of each child. From the earliest years we focus our curriculum on the development of skills related to communication in various languages, personal development and the promotion of social and emotional skills. This holistic process ensures a solid and balanced foundation, preparing children for future academic and social learning.

In addition, as children progress, we introduce activities geared towards specific areas such as languages, mathematics, world understanding and expressive arts. Each programme is designed to stimulate curiosity, critical thinking and creativity, fundamental to the development of advanced skills at later stages.

Workshops and extra-curricular activities

Lady Elizabeth School offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to arts and sciences, designed to complement academic training and encourage holistic learning.

Students have access to over 50 different clubs, including karate, swimming, biology, science, stock exchange and cookery. In addition, they can choose music classes with a variety of instruments.

For parents, there are programmes such as “Parents As Learners” and monthly talks to support their children’s development. Pupils also enjoy educational and cultural trips to national and international destinations, as well as inter-school sporting events and unique experiences such as the Mango Football Experience.

Why choose Lady Elizabeth School in Alicante?

The main reasons why our nursery school in Alicante has become a reference are the following.

Outstanding academic track record and recognition in the educational community

We are proud of our solid reputation in the educational community thanks to our outstanding and recognised academic track record. Our school is recognised for our rigorous curriculum and our holistic approach to education from the infant years onwards.

Language immersion

Language immersion is one of the cornerstones of Lady Elizabeth School. Our school offers programmes in several languages, allowing students not only to learn a second language in a practical, everyday context, but also to immerse themselves in diverse linguistic cultures.

Highly qualified teaching staff committed to educational excellence

The commitment to educational excellence at Lady Elizabeth School is underpinned by our highly qualified, mostly native-speaking teaching staff. Teachers are selected not only for their experience and academic background, but also for their passion for teaching and their ability to inspire students.

Admission and enrolment process

If you would like to find out about our admission and enrolment process for Early Years Foundation Stage, please contact our nursery school in Alicante and provide your children with the best education.

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