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Our English school in Alicante offers a different academic alternative to traditional bilingual schools. At Lady Elizabeth School we apply the principles of British education, so that our students are prepared to face the most demanding academic challenges with guarantees.

Discover our English school in Alicante

If you want to know the reasons why our English school in Alicante is a reference, these are the reasons.

Our pedagogical approach and commitment to quality education

At our English school in Alicante, we pride ourselves on our pedagogical approach which focuses on the holistic development of each student. Based on a British programme of academic excellence, we encourage curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. Our commitment to quality education is reflected in every aspect of our teaching, from the selection of highly qualified native teachers to the constant updating of our curriculum.

Our academic system is adapted to the British syllabus, preparing students for iCGSE at secondary level and A levels at Baccalaureate level. In addition, our programmes offer a wide range of more than 20 GCSE and A Level subjects, from Economics or Photography to Marine Science or Tourism, in specific facilities that enhance theoretical and practical learning.

Modern and safe facilities for an optimal learning environment

Our facilities are a cornerstone in creating an optimal learning environment. We have state-of-the-art classrooms, state-of-the-art libraries and state-of-the-art science laboratories. In addition, we maintain an unwavering commitment to the safety of our students, ensuring that all areas of the school are safe. At our English school in Alicante, we believe that a comfortable and safe environment is essential to the academic and personal success of our students.

Why choose our English school in Alicante?

The advantages offered by our English school in Alicante are as follows. 

Our track record as a leader in education

Over the years, we have built a solid track record as a benchmark in education in Alicante. Our commitment to academic excellence and the all-round development of our students has made a difference. We are proud to have contributed to the success of generations of students and we remain committed to providing quality education.

Highly qualified and committed teaching staff

We have a highly qualified and committed native-speaking teaching staff. Our teachers are experts in their fields and are dedicated to guiding students to academic and personal success. Their passion for teaching and learning enriches our students’ educational experience.

Enriching academic programmes and extracurricular activities

Our academic programmes are designed to challenge and stimulate our students, providing them with a solid foundation for their future. In addition, we have a wide variety of enriching extracurricular activities that complement their education. From sports to arts and technology, our extracurricular activities promote diverse skill development and personal growth.

All-round development of students: academic, sporting and artistic.

At our international school in Alicante, we believe in the holistic development of our students. We not only focus on academic success, but also promote values, social and emotional skills. We encourage curiosity, creativity and critical thinking to prepare our students to meet the challenges of the world successfully.

We offer a wide range of activities and programmes to enhance learning beyond the classroom in multiple fields. We offer our students over 30 extra-curricular activities, including student-led initiatives such as Student Voice or the LES Times; language trips; the house system; international programmes such as ISP Model United Nations; TedXYouth or the Buddy Exchange programme; the acclaimed Duke Of Edinburgh and much more.

English language courses at our English school in Alicante for all levels

At our English school in Alicante we encourage language learning from the first years of infant school. Throughout their formative period, our students acquire skills that will be essential for their future. 


At our English school in Alicante, the infant stage is the first step on the road to a quality international education. From an early age, our students learn in a multilingual environment, our highly trained educators use a pedagogical approach focused on play and exploration, stimulating the curiosity and creativity of the youngest children. 


The Primary stage at our school is a solid foundation for students’ future academic success. We teach a British curriculum which focuses on language proficiency. Our aim is to cultivate effective communication skills from an early age, which prepares students for a successful education. Our teachers guide students through a rigorous and enriching curriculum that fosters independence, responsibility and critical thinking.


At the secondary level, our students continue their educational journey with an emphasis on preparation for international university education. We offer an academic programme that includes subjects in both English and Spanish, enabling students to achieve a high level of proficiency in several languages. Our native-speaking teachers work closely with students, offering personalised guidance and support as they move towards their academic and professional futures.

At Lady Elizabeth School, our students choose a second language (German or French), the learning of which continues throughout the Baccalaureate courses. 


In the Baccalaureate, our students are in the final stage of their preparation for university education at an international level. We deliver a rigorous curriculum that provides them with the tools they need to succeed in universities around the world. 

Our language-focused academic programmes prepare them to study at top English-speaking universities, and our educators guide them in choosing majors and universities that match their goals. At this level, our commitment to educational quality and excellence is reflected in every aspect of the student experience.

Admission and enrolment process

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