UCAS Registrations

The first round of applications through UCAS to study in the UK is now complete.

Other students are still waiting for university decisions or being invited for interviews, some of which are online.

Students who are applying to study in The Netherlands and Canada are also completing the applications process before their deadline later this month.

This is an exciting as well as nerve-racking time. Soon the process for applying to universities here in Spain will commence. Year 12 students are already researching for next year using Bridge U, an online search platform.

Students receive a lot of guidance in school throughout the applications process. They are also encouraged to attend events such as The University Fair in school on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th February.

For year 11 pupils the process begins on Thursday 13th February at the Vl Form Open Evening. After the University Fair they should be thinking ahead to what subjects they will study after their GCSE examinations.

Should you have any queries please contact Mrs Maria Wickman (Head of Sixth Form)