Tritones Making Waves at Denia Beach Clean Up

Every year in Autumn the Environmental Counsellor from Denia Town Council and the Marine Reserve of Cabo San Antonio organise a volunteer activity to clean up rubbish the has entered the marine environment and coastline of Denia. This year a total of 200 volunteers participated on foot, from boat, kayak and also SCUBA diving. The Lady Elizabeth School Environmental Association, the Tritons, participated again this year with a total of 45 student volunteers.

They travelled to the beaches north of Denia where the recent floods and storm ‘Dana’ has washed plastics onto the sandy beaches. Amongst other rubbish they collected more than 80 plastic cotton bud sticks and more than 400 cigarette butts (the fibres of the filters are plastified and so do not biodegrade). This rubbish, and the volunteers then attended the sorting of the rubbish in the Denia Marina and were rewarded with food and refreshments.

Each year the number of students participating increases, an enormous thanks to all those students involved and their parents for giving up their free time early on a Sunday morning!