At the Primary School we believe that Physical Education (PE) in a safe and supportive environment contributes to a pupil’s physical development, well-being and long-term health. Much of our attention is paid to learning key fundamental coordination skills (kicking, throwing, catching, running etc) through games or movement.

A broad and balanced PE curriculum offers pupils increasing self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations.

We aim to provide all pupils with a minimum of 2 high-quality PE/Swimming lessons a week. Games and Swimming are taught throughout the year while other core areas, such as Gymnastics, Athletics, and Dance are taught in half term blocks. We also offer after school activities (such as Karate, water polo, ballet and football) for pupils to join.


We believe in the value of sport for both a healthy lifestyle and for teaching leadership and team building skills.

Sport is an integral part of life at The Lady Elizabeth School, where excellent facilities and a passionate team of coaches encourage pupils to reach their sporting potential. We develop and promote sport at The Lady Elizabeth School and look forward to this area growing over future years with the inclusion of triathlon, water polo, mountain bike riding and other outdoor adventure sports. During PE classes students participate in many different sports and activities including football, volleyball, cross-country, athletics, rugby, hockey, volleyball, swimming, basketball and fitness. There is also a dance option for students who are interested.

Find out more about some of the individual sports by clicking on any of the links on the below.


Our sports club, Lady Elizabeth Sport Benitaxtell, can register players with the Spanish Federation and play in competitions. Our footballers are not only from The Lady Elizabeth School, but also from the local community. All age groups are catered for and there are training sessions every afternoon after school. The girl’s team trains on a Friday afternoon. There are regular matches and the results appear in the Newsletter and in news items. The Football Club is run by Sr Estrada with a team of highly motivated and experienced coaches.


Swimming is an important life skill and has a regular and prominent place in the PE curriculum.

We have a growing team of talented swimmers representing the Lady Elizabeth Sport Benitatxell Swimming Team competitively at a local level.

They currently train twice a week with Sr Martín, Head of Physical Education. The programme is complete and combines pool training with regular competitions.


The Valencian Hockey Federation visited the school to present hockey workshops to different years. The interest that ensued was very high so a club was formed. There are training sessions twice a week and the team have started competing. We look forward to this developing in the future.


Learn new skills or improve on already existing volleyball skills each Thursday after school. Volleyball is an energetic and fun sport with a very high skill level. We are working towards competing in the local league in the very near future.