Saul Swims to Victory

We spoke to Year 12 Student Saul Blanco about his recent achievement placing for both breastroke and medley in the Wiesbaden Trophae competition in Germany recently.

Where and when was the competition?

The competition was from the 31st of October until the 3rd of November. The competition was in a city called Wiesbaden, where the swimming team from the place was very prestigious.

How did you feel before competing? Nervous, excited, etc

I was actually feeling really excited because it was a new experience for me, and I also felt in the previous very good so I knew I could be good in the competition. I felt a little nervous moments before jumping to the water as the system was different in Germany and also because I was swimming my best races , so I had pressure on as I had to do well.

If you were nervous, how did you calm yourself before competing?

I calmed myself by listening to music before swimming, which also makes me concentrate more.

How do you think being an athlete helps you to be a better person? 

With sport you can learn a lot of things which can help you through life. Especially with swimming as it’s a ver tough and sacrificed sport, it can help you by being able to face problems in a better way.

How did you celebrate?

I celebrated with the rest of my teammates and trainer. As it was a good competition for all of us in general, we decided to all go out for dinner once the competition was finished

What other sports do you enjoy? 

I also enjoy basketball, football, tennis and other ball sports or team sports.

When is your next competition and what are you doing to prepare for this?

My next important competition will be in February. The only way to prepare for a competition is to train hard and constantly, as well as trying to improve current mistakes.

What long term goals are you currently working towards?

I’m currently working to try to be in the next national championships in April, as well as improving in my butterfly style, to get better times in the medley race.

My times in Germany:

100 breaststroke 1,11 (4th place)

200 breaststroke 2,34 (3rd place)

100 medley 1,04 (6th place)

200 medley 2,19 (4th place)

Well done Saul, we look forward to hearing more about your achievements in the future.