Excellence in Results

We are delighted to celebrate our GCSE students success in this year’s examinations. Against a backdrop of extraordinary pressures, our students have triumphed. Nearly 55% of our students achieved the highest grades possible in these GCSEs, an outstanding achievement particularly when you consider the majority are sitting these examinations in a language which is not their native language.

We are so proud of the successes of all our students and the profiles below reveal the range of subjects in which LES students excel. Students from the school have achieved stellar grades across 31 different subjects: from the 4 branches of the sciences, 8 different languages, Economics, Business, Psychology, Art, Music, Drama, Photography, the Humanities, and Food Technology. We equip our students with the skills to thrive in the areas they want to succeed.

Headline rates represent the best results to date from our students and reflect not only their hard work, but the outstanding quality of support from our teaching staff.