Hockey Club

We spoke to BERBER and FLORA who are active members of the LES Hockey Club…

What are the benefits of joining a hockey team?

Joining a hockey team is a fun way of learning team skills and have a good amount of exercise

Who is your coach?

Our coach is a professional hockey trainer from the Valencia federation. She is experienced in the field and very involved with the lessons and the team’s progress.

How did you get interested in joining?

Berber: I used to play hockey when i was younger  and wanted to start again  when i moved to Spain, so when the school set the team up last year, I joined straight  away, which i have been enjoying very much since.

Flora: A few of my friends told me about it/ recommended it to me.It was one of the many plus clubs that the school offers.

Hockey practice is every Tuesday from 17.30 until 18.30 and every Thursday from 16.20 until 17.20. If you join us, we will be able to play fun matches regularly and represent the school!