Carnival crafts for children in kindergarten

Carnival crafts for children allow the little ones to make their own accessories and enjoy one of their favorite festivities. During carnival they can dress up as their favorite characters and enjoy the festivities. At Lady Elizabeth School we have a carnival party every year for all our pupils, where the little ones are the main characters.

So that you can start preparing for this party, we have compiled some ideas about carnival crafts for children, with which they can make their own accessories and costumes. 

Wands and Tiaras

Princess and prince costumes are a carnival classic, and many of the accessories that go with these types of costumes can be easily made at home by recycling everyday materials.

Tiaras that we use no longer can be turned into diamond tiaras, by simply adding ornaments made from cardboard to the top. Colored foam can also be used to decorate a magic wand, to which we can add colored ribbons. 

Shields and Weapons

For more warlike costumes, homemade weapons and shields allow us to personalize these weapons, which are essential for this costume.

Making a homemade shield is as easy as lining a flat surface with cardboard, it is important that it is light. With cardboard you can add details to personalize your shield.

Helmets and weapons can also be personalized with colored felt to imitate their favorite superheroes and superheroines. 

Funny accessories for tough guys and girls

One of the most classic costumes is that of a strongman or strongwoman. For this costume, we can make all kinds of handmade weights with light materials so that they can show off their strength.

A long cardboard tube with two balloons at the ends can be turned into a weight that they can lift with ease. Cardboard also allows you to make your own set of weights so that they can show that they are the strongest. 


Another essential accessory for carnival are masks. We can make a mask with a base as simple as a plastic plate, to which we can add other materials, or we can draw on the surface with the character of our choice.

Another option is to buy a basic mask and add details based on our costume.


We can also make fun accessories to complete costumes with a general theme. One of the easiest accessories to make are glasses; simply using cardboard as a base, we make a drawing, cut it out and add other colors and materials to personalize them.

Fun decorations

As well as costume accessories, carnival crafts for boys and girls can also include party decorations. Foam garlands, personalized balloons or drawings to decorate the walls are just some of the ideas they can enjoy, so that all their favorite characters are present at their party. 

The importance of using recycled materials

Enjoying accessories made by ourselves has many advantages, not only can we adapt each of our accessories to the costume we want, but we can also opt for recyclable materials, with which we help the environment.

Sometimes, costumes are made of plastic parts or contain parts that are not recyclable. We can choose cardboard, textile materials, and accessories that we can recycle once the carnival is over.

It is important that our carnival costumes can be reused. If we can’t use them again next year, at least the materials we have used to make them should be recyclable, so that they can be used to make more costumes and accessories for the next carnival. 

The advantages of carnival handicrafts for children

For children in kindergarten, getting involved in making their own costumes means enjoying the festival more. When a child participates in making their own costume they can learn and are also fostering their creativity and their ability to develop their own ideas.

Primary pupils will still need supervision to make their own carnival props, but with a little help they will be able to make all their ideas a reality, and enjoy the party.

At British School in Javea we want our Infant and Primary students to enjoy this party, so we have organized different activities with which we would like to count on your collaboration.