Students need full, accurate information when choosing a career. The Careers Department at The Lady Elizabeth School provides courses and activities to help them make informed choices for further education and future employment. The department works with parents, the local community and industry specialists. It arranges a wide range of workshops and seminars to make students think independently and develop their creativity. This builds confidence and self-esteem and extends their social skills.

University Fair 2020

Workshops and Activities

We offer students support and guidance in a variety of ways, such as :-

– Careers interviews – to give students advice and help to decide future career choices
– Skills workshops – to increase students’ knowledge and intellectual development, covering topics such as:-

presentation skills
interview techniques
problem solving
team work
communication skills
time management

The Mentoring Programme for Year 7 students run by Year 13 students deals with team work, communication skills etc.

Careers Fair and Guest Speakers

The Lady Elizabeth Senior School annual Careers Fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about careers they may be interested in. These afternoons are proving to be a huge success and are aimed primarily at students in Years 9 and 11 who face important subject and career choices. It is also open to Year 12 and Year 13 students to attend as they find the delegates interesting and inspiring.

The afternoon opens with a keynote speaker followed by short presentations from professionals from a range of careers, delivered to small groups of students focusing not only on their particular career area, but also on the more general aspects of work. In the past pupils have listened to talks by professionals in the following fields: Architecture, Marine Biology, Pharmacy, Law, Journalism, Charity Work, Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports, Beauty Therapy etc. There is always interest in the sessions as they give the students valuable insight into a career they may choose in the future. We would like to thank everyone who has participated for giving up their valuable time and helping to make these afternoons such a big success!

Work Observation Week

Work Observation Week is an opportunity for Year 10 students to spend some time in a business, so that they can relate their curriculum and qualifications to the skills and qualities that are required in the workplace. Students find either local work in a field of their interest or travel further afield to other areas in Spain or throughout Europe and the UK. It is an invaluable experience and can help students to decide to pursue a particular career or not.

Video Work Placement 2021