En Lady Elizabeth School, valoramos y respetamos a cada niño como individuo. Nuestro objetivo es empoderar a cada estudiante brindándole amplias oportunidades para crecer, ayudar a los demás y perseguir sus pasiones.











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¿Por qué somos el mejor colegio británico de Alicante?

The Lady Elizabeth School is a reference in the Valencian Community due to our teaching methods and the academic results of our students. We are an international British school with a different academic proposal and are also part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP). This is an organisation of international schools that allows us to continuously organise exchanges and activities with English-speaking students, which helps our pupils develop their communication skills ad experience other cultures through immersive experiences. 

Ventajas de nuestro Colegio británico

Lady Elizabeth School is a private school in Alicante (Jávea) with an exceptional educational proposal. The advantages of our educational programmes are as follows: 

  • We have developed an educational program in which the use of English is continuous . We help our students acquire communication skills that lead to a language permanent basis.
  • The first school years allows students to learn English at the same pace as they learn Spanish. 
  • We emphasize appreciationh of other cultures so that our students have a broader vision of today’s global world.
  • Learning a second language during the academic term prepares them for their future careers. in modern times, communication skills in English are a necessity for the labor market. 
  • British education helps the development of cognitive abilities, which will allow them to grow their memory and comprehension abilities. 

Beyond the academic results, learning English using a British method prepares our students to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

¿Por qué elegir un programa educativo británico para tus hijos?

Our school in Alicante has all the advantages of the British curriculum. Through the programs developed by ISP, we reinforce learning in the classroom with international activities both globallyh and in our own centre.

The International Schools Partnership is made up of over 70 schools from all over the world, which allows us to work with an international network of educational centers from 17 different countries.

Learning a language means being able to communicate in various situations. Our students learn the basis of their language skills during pre-schools and primary school years that will serve them in the future. At the end of secondary education they will be able to speak and understand the language and they will have acquired an essential technical vocabulary for their future career path.   

Our English school has the perfect educational method so that your children grow up in a stimulating environment, ensuring that they are well prepared to face their future.

Colegio Británico para todas las etapas educativas

Our British teaching method begins from the first years and ends in high school. With this method, the students of the Lady Elizabeth School develop permanent communication skills in English.

During the infant courses we emphasize the importance of vocabulary. From 3 to 5 years old, a child begins to learn their native language. If a student engages with a bilingual program, he will be able to learn another language alongisde their native tongue. 

The primary period, from 5 to 11 years old, is essential to get in touch with the fundamentals of grammar and expand vocabulary. During the 6 primary courses, a student learns to handle language in a natural way.

The 4 secondary courses focus on technical knowledge, of the language. The information learned during the previous courses is applied, paying special attention to practical communication skills. 

The two baccalaureate courses represent a precursor for the next academic challenge: university education. During these two courses, students are specifically prepared to develop a series of communication skills geared towards both university courses and their future careers.