Below is the list of University Placements for the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Students have been accepted into universities in Britain and throughout Europe undertaking studies in a variety of different fields.

Silvia – Amsterdam University College
Liberal Arts & Sciences

Alba – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
International Sports Management and Business

Victor – Tilburg University

Siqi – University of Amsterdam
Economics and Business Economics

Victor – University of Leiden
International Relations

Nina – Wageningen University
Food Technology

Lucia – Ecole Superior Commerce Paris

Season – Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
Business Administration

Alex – École Hoteliére Lausanne
Hotel Management

Fares – Concordia University
Linguistics and Macroeconomics

Elena – Francisco de Vitoria

Dario – Universidad Europea de Valencia
Tourism Management & Leisure

Sam – ESIC
Global Marketing Management

Luis – Universidad de Valencia

Miro – Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Fionamay – University of St Andrews

Jiayu – King´s College London
Biomedical Science

Charlotte – Falmouth University

Lauren – Nottingham Trent University
Fashion Management 

Thomas – University of Leeds
Business Management

Natalie – Nottingham Trent University
Global Studies and TESOL

Victor – University of West London
Aviation Management with Commercial Pilot Licence

Anna – Sheffield Hallam University
Creative Writing

Alisa – Oxford Brookes University
Media, Journalism and Publishing 

Jack – University of Reading
International Management and Business Administration with Spanish

Sofía – CEU Valencia
Relaciones Internacionales y Políticas

Marc – CEU Madrid

Sadie – Rey Juan Carlos

Antonio – Universidad de Alicante
Ingeniería robótica

Emma – Universidad Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

Alicia – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Ingeniería Industrial

Alicia – Universidad ESNE Madrid
Diseño de Interiores

Martías – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Ruth – CEU Valencia

Jorge – Universidad de Valencia

Iván – Universidad de Valencia

Ayla – Universidad de Valencia

Julio – Universidad de Valencia
ADE y Turismo

Alexia – Universidad de Madrid
Digital Business

Antonio – Universidad de Alicante
Robotic Engineering


When students are considering their career options, they need accurate, comprehensive information. The Careers Department at The Colegio británico Alicante provides a programme of courses and activities which will enable them to make informed choices related to their further education and future employment. The department works in partnership with parents, the local community and industry specialists. The aim is to use a wide range of complementary workshops and seminars designed to make the students think independently and to develop their creativity. This builds confidence and self-esteem and extends their social skills.


Many of our students opt to continue their studies at University and we have structured our A-Level program to offer the best opportunities for them to do so.

We host an annual University Fair and this year (2020) we look forward to welcoming 35 Universities from across Spain and throughout the World. Links to attending Universities can be found below and HERE is a copy of our Timetable for this year´s fair.

Should you have any questions surrounding University applications, process or placements please contact our Head of VI Form Maria Wickman

University Fair 2020 – Attending Universities

Workshops and Activities

Support and guidance is provided to the students in a variety of ways, such as:

– Careers interviews – to give the student advice and help when trying to decide on future career choices
– Skills workshops – to increase the knowledge and intellectual development of the student, covering topics such as:

  • presentation skills
  • interview techniques
  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • communication skills
  • time management

The Mentoring Programme for Year 7 students run by Year 13 students – incorporates teamwork, communication skills etc.

Careers Fair

LAUDE, The Lady Elizabeth Secondary School Annual Careers Fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain an insight into a career which they may be interested in. These afternoons are proving to be a huge success and are aimed primarily at students in Year 9 and 11, when important subject and career choices need to be made. It is also open to Year 12 and Year 13 students to attend, as they often find the delegates interesting and inspiring.

The Fair is designed to give students the opportunity to meet with professional people to discover more about many different careers. They are able to get a first-hand account of a particular career and often a lot of important information is available for students to take away with them. Many of our delegates bring equipment and materials which are used in their profession and students can look and try this equipment to get a more practical insight into what a career may offer.

We have extended the invitation to parents to attend the event as we feel that it is just as important for parents to have the chance to meet with delegates from such a wide range of professions to discuss possible career choices for their children.

Work Observation Week

Work Observation Week provides an opportunity for Year 10 students to spend some time in a business, so that they can relate their school curriculum and qualifications to the skills and qualities that are required in the workplace. Students find either locally based work in a field of their interest or they travel further afield to other areas in Spain or throughout Europe and the UK. It is an invaluable experience and can help students to decide whether they will or won’t pursue a particular career.