The education we provide at The Lady Elizabeth School extends far beyond the classroom. During their years at LES, our pupils grow in all aspects of their lives.  We strive to instil timeless qualities and values in our pupils, while also preparing them for life in a busy modern society.

They appreciate the importance of caring for others and for the environment. They learn the necessity of recycling from a very early age, the damage one use plastic has on the earth and how they can help reduce negative impact on the environment. We have many programmes in place where they can actively take place to help our environment. The Tritones Association is an association dedicated to dolphin and marine animal research. The group also conduct beach and land clean-ups, removing huge amounts of rubbish from the coastline and national parks. Recently we became the only school in the area to have a composting system and students participate in this project, to once again help the environment.

Students learn as much from their peers and experiences outside the classroom as they do inside. We offer a rich variety of extra-curricular activities for pupils of all ages. These range from after school clubs and sporting teams to participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, The Model United Nations, Public Speaking and LAMDA.

There is excellent pastoral care to support and sustain our students throughout their time here and beyond.

The House System gives pupils a sense of belonging and they strive to gain points for their House, whether it be through sporting achievements, rewards for good work or charity based achievements. There are several sporting competitions throughout the year, in both Primary and Secondary, where students are proud to represent their House, performing to the best of their ability.

LES’s commitment to the wider community is also reflected in the fundraising activities of our pupils, who put a lot of effort, imagination and creativity into finding enjoyable ways to raise funds for local and national causes.

We are also very lucky to have such an inspirational environment to live and work in, a magnificent backdrop for the education we provide.