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LES is an amazing place where children thrive as learners.

Our fully qualified, native English and Spanish speaking staff, provide a safe, happy and challenging learning environment.  Our pupils are offered excellence from both the English and Spanish Curricula offering them the best of both worlds.

Our growing School community is provided with incredible opportunities to learn and get better in all we do.  From our Early Years Foundation Stages to our Upper Key Stage 2, children learn about learning.  From the repeated experiences which hardwire our brains, to having a good struggle in order to get better.  We are all encouraged to develop a Growth Mindset and to persevere through our bad struggles in order to grow as learners.

Our incredible, international learning community, representing over 50 different nationalities, provides a culture of unique diversity made up of people with global aspirations.  This growing community allows us to provide an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and events to help our pupils thrive at something they love.

We would love for you to visit our School and meet with our great, learning community.

Mrs Tracey Skinner
Head of Primary